Penfriends in London
Article mis en ligne le 6 mai 2011
dernière modification le 10 mai 2014

par Amélie Beney
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A French colleague of mine, Agnès, who is now working in a London school, also contacted me. She wanted our students to write to each other. I hadn’t done things with penfriends before and decided it could be fun for my year 9 students.

We actually don’t write the letters in class (or rather e-mails) but I’m here if needed ! In order to begin the whole thing, Agnès sent me all the letters, which I gave to my greedy students. I then collected their first letter to send the whole pack to Agnès. Now all our students are chatting thanks to e-mails or Facebook. They are independent and this was important to me because I had not much time for it in class and it would have been difficult because all my pupils did not want a penfriend.

Thanks Agnès for writing to me, great project too !!


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